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Do Right By Me embodies a significant social conversation about race and racism at a time when American society still struggles with understanding racism and its effects.

The Race Institute for K-12 Educators

The Race Institute for K-12 Educators is an affordable and accessible opportunity for educators to grow their racial identities. We believe that it is the job of all educators to support the positive racial identity development of students; educators cannot accomplish this if they themselves do not have a positive racial identity.
-Ali Michael, Ph.D., facilitator, writer & consultant

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Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice is the new name for our work in the struggle for radical change in education and community! We are called as educators, justice advocates, caregivers and students to reimagine and reclaim our education system so that it is inclusive and just. We must learn, grow and wield power together. That’s how we will make justice real in our lives and in the lives of the students, families, educators and communities we serve.

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Raising Race Conscious Children

A resource to support adults who are trying to talk about race with young children. The goals of these conversations are to dismantle the color-blind framework and prepare young people to work toward racial justice. 

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Infant Adoption Guide Podcast is a blog and podcast (internet radio show) all about domestic infant adoption. Tim Elder is an adoptive dad of 3, and generously shares his experience and resources to support you on your journey. The website, blog and podcast provide you with a safe place to learn about infant adoption and help you cut through the adoption overwhelm by delivering hope, inspiration and action-oriented information. 


My American Melting Pot

The My American Meltingpot podcast is a weekly show about all the ways race influences and impacts our daily lives.  Hosted by award-winning author and journalist, Lori L. Tharps and featuring fascinating guests who share their unique expertise, the podcast is meant to educate and inform, entertain and inspire. We’re driving the conversation forward about race and diversity in America and the world. Check out her books: Same Family, Different Colors: Confronting Colorism in America's Diverse Families AND Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America

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Talking About Race: I am a parent or caregiver

Talking about race, although hard, is necessary. The National Museum of African American History and Culture has provided tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation.

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How Do I Talk About Race?

Since the opening of the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the number one question people ask us is how to talk about race. The NMAAHC education department’s mission has made deliberate strides toward being a “brave space” to discuss race, equity, and inclusion; and explore how these topics relate in both a historical and cultural context. In 2014, they launched their signature program, “Let’s Talk! Teaching Race in the Classroom.” 

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Third Space

Jen Cort is an education consultant in the areas of equity, inclusion, diversity and justice. In this podcast, Jen opens up a "third space"— a place outside our familiar home and work environments — in order that we might begin to engage in some of the provocative questions that need to be addressed with some of the leading thinkers and doers in the field.

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Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America

"You can’t expect to educate one percent of the students while 90 percent of them do not have the information that they need to qualify for future jobs, and expect our nation to still be on top." JAMELLA MILLER
This documentary includes Jamella's parents who have spoken publicly about the issue of inequity in school funding as well as getting involved in a lawsuit to show how the state fails to “provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education.”

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Center for Black Educator Development

Launched in June 2019, the Center for Black Educator Development is revolutionizing education by dramatically increasing the number of Black educators so that low-income Black and other disenfranchised students can reap the full benefits of a quality public education.

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Inside The Fight To Fairly Fund Public Schools In Pennsylvania a resource and podcast series by the Public Interest Law Center. For more information on the fight to fund public schools in PA, visit

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CNN & Sesame Street Town Hall: "Standing Up To Racism"

Aired live on June 6, 2020


Seeing the Water: Seven Values Targets for Anti-Racism Action

We already know many of the structural targets for anti-racism action: residential segregation by “race”; funding of public schools based on local property taxes; over-policing of communities of color; disproportionate incarceration of Black and Brown people; communities of color as environmental “sacrifice zones.” But we may have neglected the values targets for anti-racism action. Here are seven values to consider...

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Embrace Race & Resources for Parents of Multiracial & Multiethnic Children

Doing Race, Family and Culture Through Transracial Adoption with Dr. Gina Miranda Samuels

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Antiracism collection 

No matter where you are in your journey, Dr. Kendi's work will meet you there. 

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Podcast: The Parenting Cipher

is dedicated to empowering Parents of Color raising special needs kids by demystifying the education system, therapeutic programs, and advocating for the rights of our children. We offer parenting, advocacy, healthy living, and entrepreneur tips to parents who want to uplevel their children’s experience.

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Hosting a Book Club with Do Right By Me?

We've been gathering questions from our readers to help get the party started...

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Do higher ed

Val and Katie have a combined 45 years of work in higher education and a strong social justice orientation that calls all of us in the field to do right. 

If you are a consumer of podcasts, Revisionist History is a must listen with the gifted researcher and storyteller, Malcolm Gladwell. A Do Right recommendation for our readers, listen to Season 1, Episodes 4-6:

S1Ep4: Carlos Doesn't Remember  is the first in a three-part Revisionist History miniseries taking a critical look at the idea of capitalization—the measure of how well America is making use of its human potential.

S1Ep5: “Food Fight,” the second part on opening up college to poor kids, focuses on a seemingly unlikely target: how the food each school serves in its cafeteria can improve or distort the educational system.

S1Ep6: “My Little Hundred Million” is the third part and looks at the hidden ideologies behind giving and how a strange set of ideas has hijacked educational philanthropy.

We dare you to listen and not figure out a way to take action. In addition to the research and recommended reading, get your hands on Paul Tough's, The Inequality Machine: How College Divides Us